Smith Packing House in Bridgeville, Delaware is a place that has not changed through the years. A hurricane named Hazel was responsible for the biggest change, apples blown off trees could not be packed so a farm market was started to sell the fruit. The old apple trees that were in the side yard are gone replaced with a greenhouse and a new office building was placed next to the green house.

The packing house is the oldest in the state dating back to 1928, with packing equipment dating to the 50’s still in use.  This equipment was and still is used to sort and pack apples.

Inside the packing house is a small room for jams, jellies and honey.  A small bakery for making our famous apple and blueberry donuts adds great aroma to the market.  In the summer season the smell of corn, peaches and apples also fill the air.

No matter what the season, feeling the friendliness and country atmosphere is the same in this historical building.  

Please stop to see this historical building located at 8877 Redden Rd, Bridgeville Delaware and take in the smells of fresh fruit, vegetables, and of course donuts.

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