The sign says, “If you lived here you would be home now” Bridgeville Delaware has been home to the T. S. Smith family since 1907. Thomas Sterling Smith started the family business.

Originally the farm consisted of 60 acres. It was incorporated in 1959 and has grown to 800 acres. There are 60 acres of apples, 74 acres of peaches and nectarines and 10 acres of asparagus. A diversity of crops are raised on the remaining acres. (See crop page)  

The family business was passed to Walton and Robert, sons of T. S. Smith and then to their sons Charles Walton Jr.”Walt” and Robert Smith Jr. The business is currently operated by Walt’s three Sons, Thomas, Charles, and Matthew.

T.S. Smith and Sons is one of the oldest farming operations in Sussex County and believes in using modern agriculture practices. The farm is the State of Delaware’s oldest apple, peach and nectarine operation and the only commercial apple grower in Sussex County.

Need a place to hold a special event?

Great for weddings, picnics, meetings, and birthday parties, The Pavilion is the perfect place for a relaxing farm experience. Contact us or call Tom Smith at (302) 858-7407 to reserve your space now.