The growing season begins in March for T.S. Smith and Sons.  This is when we will begin planting approximately 12 acres of early sweet corn.  The sweet corn is covered with clear plastic to help warm the ground and germinate the seeds.  If all goes well this sweet corn will be ready for July 4th weekend.  In April we begin to see the apple and peach trees bloom (blooms appear for peaches approximately April 5 to the 15 and apples April 10 to 20), which is beautiful.  Also, in April, our asparagus crop (10 acres) becomes ready for harvest and produces until the first of June.  Starting March and April we will plant around 90 acres of sweet corn five (5) acres every 7 to 10 days.  These plantings are harvested throughout the summer and early fall.  Each ear is picked by hand and sold to you fresh from the field.  April is the time we begin to prepare to plant 12 acres of cantaloupes: starting the seeds in our green house and growing them until they are ready to be transplanted.  Four to five different plantings are made ensuring that we will have fresh lopes ready to harvest throughout the summer.

T.S. Smith and Sons is best know as an apple, nectarines, and peach grower.  We grow 12 different varieties of Apples and 15 different types of Peaches. These crops are handpicked starting in the month of July.  Peaches and nectarines are picked until September and apples until November.  August finds us planting kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and turnips. These tasty vegetables are handpicked and harvested at the peak of freshness during the fall season.  This year we will be harvesting Bing Cherries for the first time.

No matter what month or time of year T.S. Smith and Sons is preparing for the upcoming growing and harvest season.

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