Apple Scrapple Festival - 2nd Full Weekend in October

Apple Scrapple Festival is an annual event in Bridgeville to honor two major industries in town. One is the Rapa Brand Scrapple company and the other is apples grown by T.S. Smith & Sons. We are honored and humbled to be a part of Apple Scrapple. This event is held the 2nd full weekend of October. There is something for all ages and appetites. Click here to check out the Apple Scrapple Festival website and stop by on your way to or from town on Saturday to enjoy the events we have planned. Farm wagon tours, live music, scrapple sandwiches, hot dogs, apple donuts and of course apples from our selection to purchase.

Need a place to hold a special event?

Great for weddings, picnics, meetings, and birthday parties, The Pavilion is the perfect place for a relaxing farm experience. Contact us or call Tom Smith at (302) 858-7407 to reserve your space now.