Peaches have long been produced in Delaware, but production was interrupted in the 1900's by disease.  There are now only three commerical peach farms in the state.  T. S. Smith and Sons is proud to be one of these farms.  Did you know that the peach blossom is the State flower?

 T.S. Smith and Sons grows fifteen varieties of peaches.  Each variety has a different maturity date insuring a fresh supply of ripe peaches through the summer.  The trees are hand pruned in March and April.  Their average bloom date is April 1st to the 10th.  To insure peaches have a marketable size each tree must be hand thinned.  This occurs when the peaches are approximately 1 1/2 inch in diameter.  The first peaches are ready the last week of June with harvesting continuing until early September. 

Early peaches are cling varieties, meaning the flesh does not separate from the pit.  It is not until Red Haven, which ripens in mid to late July that the peaches are called freestone or cling free.  The later varieties are prized for cooking, canning and making ice cream.  Regardless of the type of peach, a juicy tree ripened peach is a wonderful eating experience.

Peaches can be purchased at our farm market in Bridgeville, at farmers markets or at our Route 13 and Route 40 farm market. U-pick will be available.  Call for dates and times at 302 337 8271

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