T.S. Smith and Sons is the oldest apple grower in the State of Delaware.  We grow twelve different varieties which mature from early July to mid-October.  The trees are pruned each winter and bloom on average from April 15 to the 25th.  Apples are sold at our farm store and our RT 13 market and the different farmer markets.  We also offer u-pick.  Call 302 337 8271 for dates and times.

The twelve apples varieties we grow are as follows:

Lodi: A green tart apple that matures the first week in July.  Excellent for apple sauce and pies.

Gingergold: A green cooking and eating apple.  Matures the first of August.  Similar to a Golden Delicious.

Gala: A sweet orange-yellow apple great for snacks and salads.  Available August thru October.

Honey crisp: Crisp, sweet and juicy.  Excellent eating and cooking.  Available September thru October.

Red Delicious: Solid red sweet apple great for eating. Available September thru December.

Golden Delicious: A green yellow apple that is excellent for eating and cooking.  It is sweet and juicy.  Available October thru December

Rome: A dark red apple this is available October thru December. Primarily a cooking apple.

Fuji: Greenish yellow with a red stripe.  It is crisp, juicy sweet apple with many uses.  Available October thru December.  Properly stored, it will keep all winter.

Black Twig: A tart dark red apple. Excellent eating and cooking. Available October thru December.

Stayman: A mildly tart apple great for snacks or cooking. Available October thru December.

Pink Lady: The fruit has a pink blush over a yellow background and is crisp with a sweet tart flavor.  It is available July thru December and has an excellent storage life.

Romeo: A firm crisp fruit with a bright red strip over a creamy background. Available July thru December. The storage life is comparable to Fuji

All apples are grown by T. S. smith and Sons..

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